Mascor Precisions / Infrastructure


Machining Facility

The first division to be set up in Mascor Precisions. The machining divison, for now, consists of a single Line of Operation.

Fanuc Robodrill VMC machine

Advance ROBODRILL high-speed vertical machining centers which can offer excellent performance and efficiency. These new generation ROBODRILL vertical machining center promises unrivalled quality and precision with a tool change time of 0.7 seconds and a turret capable of handling tools weighing 4 kg. Machines come with rigid design, Intuitive iHMI, dedicated maintenance screen, 70-bar center through coolant pressure & Ultra-fast tool changes with capacity of 21 tools features. Probing & seat sensor installed on machines ensure better process controls to meet high level product quality.

Torqueing machine

Two Station servo motors are designed to automatically torque two bolts in one cycles. This machines has multiple poke yokes to ensure process controls & produces quality product. This machine is equipped with auto identification to certify ok parts. Inspection Safety Curtains and Fencing are provided for to take care of operator Safety.

Bush Press machine

Servo press designed and with 6T pressing capacity. Poka Yoke installed for bush orientation & operator Safety is taken care.

Honing machine

Single pass honing comes with six spindle and six station configuration with easy loading & unloading option. Part can be machined to bore up to dia 50 mm.

Machine is suitable for stock removal of 30-40 mm to meet final product quality requirement.

Single pass honing machine benefits are:

  • Reduced labor costs through automated systems
  • Lower cost per bore with long tool life
  • Predictable, consistent results with better process capability.
  • Improved bore quality which eliminates rejects/rework
  • Less frequent part inspection with higher production rate

Forging Facility

The Forging line setup has a very clear flow of production and has following feature:
  • No transportation between operations
  • No risk of mixing, the line has FIFO system
  • Complete traceability of material from bar to finished component
  • Very good quality control due to single piece of flow.
The Forging line has following machine installed till now
Automatic Sawing machine
  • Sawing machine with length accuracy 0.1 mm ( Cpk-2.66 )
  • Quality of cutting with no defect guaranteed
  • First cut eliminates poor face of bar
  • Capable of cutting multiple bar section
  • Able to cut hard material –fit for use in cutting premium steel grade con rod
Automatic Inductive Heater
  • Full automated process of heating with great reliability
  • Automatic coils changer shuttle –one minute set up for new section
  • 100% temperature check and billet sorting for temperature guarantee
  • Bar feeder system to drive the billet column allows forging until the last billet
  • Saving energy during start and stop
  • Compact system with electrical cabinet just under the coil
  • No descaling system requested –with heating in the proper coils
Automatic Longitudinal reduce roll
  • 4 steps of reduction –with 90°rotation in between
  • Operation in less than 4 seconds
  • Automatic transfer and handling)
  • Very reliable process not human skill dependent
  • Tooling design with numerical flow simulation
Forging Press - This CNC Hydraulic press from Anyang comes with following features
  • CNC Hammer with maximum Blow energy of 50 kJ
  • Fine control of the plastic deformation energy allowing flow material under control
  • Flow material operation totally numerically defined by blow and by impression
  • Excellent accuracy of weight in production
  • Excellent geometry alongside the two aligned con rod
  • Constant hydraulic working parameter due to oil regulation and cooling
  • Possible to forge con rod with fine and height ribs on body (better than forging press)
  • Due to good blow energy control excellent material ratio associated with reduce rolling
  • Reliability of the machinery given by strictly limited energy
Trimming & Punching
  • Combining trimming and punching developed
  • Combining will give good accuracy of punching position
  • Limiting Number of operation reduce flash relief of the component
  • Additional padding available given excellent parallel geometry
  • Second additional padding operation available for RSA European standard