Devgiri Forgings / Infrastructure / Radial Forging Division

Radial Forging

We are the first and only commercial company in India to introduce the Radial Forging Technology for local and global consumptions. We can produce hollow shafts by Cold, Warm and Hot Forging process upto 1 meter in length. We can also provide intricate internal profiles and splines.

Process Core Benefits
  • Mainly used in production of hollow shafts and solid shafts
  • Can also be used to make products out of tubes, like axle housings etc and sometimes eliminate operations like welding of two parts. It is flash less forging, so less wastage of material
  • Hollow shafts are possible, even high production volume
  • Cold, warm and hot forging possible & depends on job profile
  • ID spline formation possible in some of the cases depending upon job profile and raw material grade
  • Better strength in forging due to radial forging process, continuous grain flow all over the length
  • CNC controls and temperature controls on machine ensure better product control
  • Fully robotized and induction heating application (CNC) connected to machine in a slave-master configuration leading to better product consistency