Maso Automotives / Technology Initiatives

Technology Initiatives

Bevel Gears

MASO Group has invested in re-engineering solution for production of Bevel Gears. The Indigenous tooling technology is low cost and Warm Forging provides advantage of no teeth generation.

Bull Shafts / Near Net shaped Forging

The Company has developed Low cost reengineering solution for Bull shaft production.

Certain notable features of this process

  • Near Net Shaped Teeth Formation in Forging
  • Taking skin Cut in Hobbing to achieve desired specifications
  • Saving in Input weight & Reduction in Hobbing Cycle time
  • Saving Potential: 10% over conventional method
  • Comparable with Cold Forging Technology

Other Initiatives

Development of Near net shaped forging for crown wheel (Gear teeth formation)

  • Above process leads to saving of 25-35% in weight.
  • Additionally, hobbing cycle time reduction of 20% can be achieved

Cold and warm Forgings for clutch teeth. Laser welding or shaping can be avoided

Forged Spur gear

  • Spur gear in forging process, with oil grooves
  • Saving in terms of hobbing time and better grain flow
  • Saving over conventional forging process